Guide to 2018 local board snapshots

22 April 2019

The 2018 local board snapshots are designed to be used with the Auckland 2017 Snapshot to provide accessible, quality information to help decision-making on education and skills.

The inside pages follow an Aucklander’s typical learning pathway from early learning, through school to tertiary study, skills and work.

That pathway starts at the top left and winds across the page to the bottom right.

Snapshot Lb 2018 Whau Cover2

Changes #

We’ve updated and added information since the Auckland 2017 Snapshot.

Updated data: ECE staff numbers by qualification

Extra data:

  • Iwi affiliation
  • Number of bilingual and immersion ECE services by language use
  • Increase in residential value by local board
  • Auckland mean rent between 2011 and 2018
  • Housing needs by local board

A note on suppressed data:

Local board data is suppressed when there is a high likelihood that individuals could be identified (e.g. < 5 students in an ethnic category) or a high potential for error (e.g. survey sample size less than 1000 individuals).