Our current campaigns

Curious Minds South Auckland #

South Auckland children as leaders in STEM - science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics and mātauranga Māori education & innovation.  READ MORE

Education Māori #

Whakamātauria ōu Whakaaro!

Educators doing right by Māori learners. READ MORE

Data & Evidence  #


Providing data driven evidence to help inform decision making.  READ MORE

Languages Strategy  #

Aucklanders speaking more than one language.  READ MORE

STEM Alliance Aotearoa #

A membership programme that gives you access to a science engagement community.  READ MORE


Accelerate and increase Pacific people’s participation in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Maths.  READ MORE

Our former campaigns

Talking Matters #

Kōrerotia mai!

All babies and young children to thrive as thinkers, talkers and readers. READ MORE

Youth Employability #

The licence to work

Every young person in New Zealand is employable. READ MORE

Vaka Leo Voices Consortium #

Blessed with bilingual brains

The Vaka Leo Voices mission is to support quality, evidence-based teaching and learning in Pasifika bilingual programmes. READ MORE