Rangatahi Writers' Group at Rangeview Intermediate

Posted on 27 June 2024

Rangeview Intermediate School is the home of our current rangatahi writers' group. An amazing group of rangatahi are asking questions to tackle important social issues and create better understanding. 

We have a group of twelve students, who are mix of Years 7 and 8. With these twelve, we are covering a range of important kaupapa dear to them such as cost of living, the importance of sports, what jobs need qualification and Kapa Haka during school time.

We are currently working on asking critical questions –– the right questions –– before they venture out and gather information to inform them of their own unique stories. 

We look forward to crafting the stories and reflecting on the process during this time of Matariki. Stay tuned as these journeys unfold for our rangatira mō inianei –– our leaders of today.

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