Curious Minds South Auckland Project Showcase 2020-2022 Volume 2 out now!

Posted on 11 September 2023

Whaowhia te kete mātauranga
Fill the basket of knowledge

Welcome to our latest Curious Minds South Auckland Project Showcase, in which we celebrate participatory science in our communities — and the leaders and young people that make these projects a success.

Participatory science engages young people in practical, collaborative STEM learning. Inspired by the whakataukī above, we understand that education is not a passive pursuit but an active and immersive experience. Hands-on investigations, experiments and designs can all help bring science and technology to life in a way that empowers students to question, analyse and innovate. 

In this showcase, we share inspiring stories of students filling their kete with many different kinds of knowledge. Participants explore science and technology, of course; but they are also developing important skills like problem-solving, communication, leadership, teamwork, language, literacy and cultural understanding. 

These projects were all completed during a period of significant disruption to schools, and we commend students and project partners for their perseverance in the face of delays, changes and other challenges. 

None of this would have been possible without the dedicated teachers and scientists that support the projects. We also want to acknowledge the hardworking team behind the scenes: the support staff, administrators and senior leadership.

In times of change and difficulty, we know it is easy to stick with what has always been done. Our project leaders, however, are all eager to innovate and problem solve to get their projects over the line. Their commitment to filling the basket ensures that students have access to diverse opportunities for growth and development.

If you missed Volume 1, you can find it here.