Academic surveys: A valuable tool for improving student achievement

Posted on 26 September 2023
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Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

Academic surveys are important tools for monitoring student achievement, tracking trends in education and identifying areas where improvement is needed. These surveys can be used to assess a wide range of skills and knowledge, including those that are difficult to measure with traditional paper-and-pencil tests. They can also be used to collect data from many students quickly and efficiently.

One of the most well-known academic surveys in New Zealand is the National Monitoring Study of Student Achievement (NMSSA). The NMSSA is a triennial survey that assesses students in Years 4 and 8 in mathematics, science, reading and writing. The findings of the NMSSA provide valuable information about the performance of New Zealand students in key academic areas.

Te Hononga Akoranga COMET has recently released a survey to hear from teachers and other educators about how they use the findings of academic surveys to inform their pedagogy and classroom practice. We want to know what teachers and educators think influences or creates these findings. Your feedback will help us to better understand how academic surveys are being used and to identify ways to improve them.

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