STEM Alliance Aotearoa: A business view on STEM engagement

Posted on 14 July 2021
Stem Alliance News1
  By Ying Yang

Aotearoa is facing a skills shortage in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) industries. Engineering, health, information technology and science all feature on our long-term skills shortage list. Yet only 38% of domestic bachelor’s degree students specialised in STEM-related fields in 2018. 

We know more investment in the STEM skills pipeline is critical, and businesses and organisations have a part to play in building our future workforce. Effective community engagement can raise awareness of STEM career pathways and support educators to build science and technology skills. 

But what is community engagement? Where do I start? 

STEM community engagement is any investment or activity by your organisation that is directly related to increasing STEM awareness or skills within the wider community. 

The STEM Alliance Aotearoa is a membership network that supports businesses and organisations involved in STEM community engagement to maximise their impact. We provide advice, resources and connections so your organisations’ investment in community engagement can be as effective, empowering and equitable as possible.  

We want to understand what your organisation is doing currently and what support you would find most valuable. Help us shape our future activities by filling out short survey.  

The development of STEM Alliance Aotearoa. Together with educators and communities, we aim to support industries to maximise STEM engagement investment and build the workforce of tomorrow. 

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