Talking Matters Community Activator Tampy Bernard live on 531PI

Posted on 14 May 2020

Talking to pēpi is particularly important in the first 1000 days when their brains are forming. It's when 80% of brain development takes place. It's vital for their emotional and social well-being as well as for learning. 

When it came to lockdown, Talking Matters Activator Tampy and his family put the Talking Matters’ philosophies into practice. They even produced a video about it. Being at home meant Tampy’s family had more time to interact with one-year-old Hawaiki. Tampy says the increased communication over the past few weeks was a catalyst in Hawaiki’s language-spurt. “We noticed Hawaiki’s vocabulary significantly developed with us being together at home.”  Hawaiki can speak three different languages! 

Watch live interview of Tampy Bernard on 531PI.

Link to Tampy's video:…/talking-changers-bernard-bub…

Talking Matters is an initiative to get everyone interacting more with babies and toddlers, to set them up as successful learners for life.To find out more check out Talking Matters page.