Pandemics and recessions transform the way we work (YEP)

Posted on 23 August 2020

We know pandemics and recessions are transformational.  Recessions accelerate the pace of change and bring what was on the horizon closer.  We knew the digital revolution was on its way, but in just a few months our country has leapt forward into new ways of being and working.

We know that under-served communities are being the hardest hit, economically, socially, and psychologically. Issues of equity have been spotlighted over these last months, Issues relating to access to technology, spaces to life and work at home and the fragility and disappearance of many lower skilled jobs. 

Change is here however, and it becomes our jobs to equip young people/rangatahi with the skills, mindsets and resources needed so they can choose their pathways towards future prosperity for themselves, their families and their communities. Our roles in supporting young people become more confident and skilled have become even more important to enable rangatahi to navigate these unpredictable and unprecedented times.

It’s hard to plan or plant new initiatives with such uncertainty. To my surprise however, many regions have not only survived the COVID blast, but have thrived and expanded, developing new initiatives, with different groups of young people in new sectors and new areas. The creativity, resilience, and connectedness of the YEP whanau is quite extraordinary.

Kia kaha, Kia mia, Kia manawanui,