William Karaitiana

E tapa tū a ko i uta.
Tapa tū a ko i tai.
Tapa tū a Tāne
Tapa tū a Tagaroa
a Tāwiri anō.
E muramura ahi ka ki uta.
E muramura ahi ka ki tai
Kia korakoragia muramura o ahi ka o Te Uri o Korako Karetai ki Pukekura e…e.
Te Uri hoki o Taituha Hape ki Mahunui e…e.

The naming of the places inland and on the coast, the forests and the oceans based on the elemental fires of the sacred shrine connects us to our standing place and gives our sense of identity.

As a descendant of Korako Karetai, Pukekura, Ōtākou and Taituha Hape at Mahunui, Canterbury, William sees in all directions of the compass and feels at home with his feet in the south and in the north.

William is the principal for Numb3rs Talk Ltd and an accountant for Target Accounting Ltd. With Numb3rs Talk, he works with companies, trusts and charities, dealing with boards of directors and boards of trustees to provide guidance and expert services enabling them to be effective in their duties. With Target Accounting, he completes annual accounts, deals with taxation matters and provides management accounting reports for companies, trusts and charities so they can maintain financial stability.

William is a provisional member of ICAANZ and an Associate Fellow of the NZIM. He has served on Navy League Canterbury (NZ) Inc and was a member of the Defence Association of NZ. He has worked in the education sector since 1988 at various levels and contexts. 

He is committed to reinstalling clarity in the curriculum, professionalising the workforce and restructuring relevant learner content using electronic tools. William joined our board in 2023.

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