Tavu'i Ioane Afoa

Tavu’i Ioane Afoa has senior management experience in both private and public sectors, his current role being the Head of Community Engagement for Auckland Transport, with the primary focus on relationships with Members of Parliament, central & local government. He brings expertise in operations, strategy, commercial and engagement, as well as a Pasifika cultural advisory lens.

Tavu’i is involved with youth programs and churches in the South and wider Auckland area, where he serves on community and church boards. He brings a unique skill of balancing Pasifika culture and corporate world, with the intent to ensure both complement one another. Having worked on major infrastructure projects in New Zealand, Tavu’i acknowledges the value of stewardship in giving voice to the ‘voiceless’ and firm advocacy for shared leadership in communities and organisations.

He is very much a product of South Auckland, born and raised, with a sound understanding of the challenges surrounding our diverse communities, and also his relativity to the driving factors within our households and whanau settings. These community level insights, Pasifika cultural understanding, culminating with his vast experience and networks in the business world, will hold Tavu’i in good stead in contributing to our board.