Work ethic, culture and environment

To do well in any type of work environment, it’s important to have a good work ethic. Employers in every industry are always hunting for people with good work ethics.  

A work ethic is your set of values, which control how you decide to work. If you value dedication and motivation at work, these are elements of your work ethic. People with strong work ethics are more likely to impress their boss and have a successful career

Sometimes, working environments have different things they value. You might need to adjust your work ethic to suit your workplace. But, most workplaces will value a work ethic that involves good habits such as focusing, staying motivated and finishing tasks on time.

To find out where you’re at with your work ethic, and how well you do in work environments, start off with the Work Ethic Questionnaire. For advice on improving your work ethic and fitting into the work environment, check out these resources

Job descriptions and Contracts  #

A person with a strong work ethic ensures they meet the requirements of their job description and contract. These documents are there to help you understand what you need to do to make a good impression. This will help you get you off to the best start in a working environment.  

For advice on starting in a new work environment, take a look at this Employment Relationships activity.

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Build a great work ethic #

Developing a good work ethic is critical to success. Every strong work ethic involves good time management, focus, and dedication. If you are looking to develop or improve your work ethic, concentrate on these key areas. Like developing any other skill, it takes time and practice.  

Take a look at this How to develop a great work ethic article to help you. 

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Impress your boss by understanding and supporting his/her goals #

It’s part of a good work ethic to support your boss in their goals. When you signed your employment contract, you agreed to helping the business. Supporting your boss is part of this. Also, in a healthy workplace environment, everyone supports each other. 

10 effective ways to get the boss to like you and the video below will tell you how to best support your boss and create a great working environment

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Contributing to a positive organisational culture #

A good work environment begins with creating a positive organisational culture. The culture of an organisation is how the business likes to do things. The culture also decides how employees should act in the workplace. It’s important you know your organisation’s culture well, so you know what type of work ethic to have 

Take a look at this Work Culture Activity and Contribute to a happy workplace article to help you. 

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What to do if workplace cultures are toxic or discriminatory #

Sometimes, workplaces have cultures that are toxic. Experiencing bullying, harassment or discrimination are all signs of a toxic workplace culture. Toxic workplace environments can damage a good work ethic. Leading to employees feeling unhappy and unmotivated. 

To know how to deal with a toxic workplace culture read Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination: Know your rights.

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