If you ask an employer what they are looking for in an employee, most will say "someone with a positive attitude". And if you ask any successful person the key to success, they will tell you it comes down to having a positive mindset. So, no matter which way you look at it, what you achieve in life depends on you! To work out how often you show a positive attitude, complete this questionnaire.

How to have a ‘can-do’ attitude #

Employers are usually busy people, so they look for employees they can rely on and who will say “can do!” when asked to help with something. Check out the resources below for tips on how to develop a ‘can-do’ attitude and find your greatness.

Read more on How to Develop a Can Do Attitude.

Being honest and showing respect #

Can you think of someone you respect? Why do you respect them? Is it because you have to, or because they deserve it? You earn real respect - it's not demanded. The best way to earn respect is to show respect for others. This means always being honest, doing what you say you’ll do, and being polite. 

Have a go at this Honesty Questionnaire and see if there’s a difference between your walk and your talk.

Why being friendly matters

Have you ever noticed that friendly people tend to get along well with others? They get more opportunities at school, at work or in the community? This is no accident! People like friendly people, and there are real benefits to being friendly at work. If being friendly doesn’t come easy to you, don’t worry; this is a skill you can develop with time and practice. Give this The Art of Friendliness activity a go to get some idea on how to stay friendly and positive with anyone.

How to get MOTIVATED!  #

Would you say you’re a motivated person? The thing about motivation is – it’s different for everybody! It’s important that you learn what makes YOU tick. Try this What Motivates You To Get Going questionnaire and watch the following video.

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