The ability to self-manage is a critical life and work skill. It reflects your successful transition from being a child to a young adult. It is also about how you take charge of your life and how you balance the many parts of your day. Whether it be learning, work, sport, recreation, fun and time with whānau. 

How well you are doing with being a self-manager?

Check out this Self Management Questionnaire.

Get better at time management #

It’s not always fun getting organised. But being late or forgetting something important is less fun. Thinking ahead about where you need to be and what you’ll need to take with you saves you time and stress. Check out these handy tips and complete the activity to work out how you could be using your time better. Tips To Manage Your Time Effectively

Also, get an employer’s take on why being on time is so important in this video.

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Reflect on your words and actions #

Words have the power to build you up or tear you down, so it's important we take care to think before we speak. When you speak with honesty, respect and kindness, people appreciate being around you. Learning to talk and being helpful to customers is an important skill for work. Here are some tips on how to do this better. How to Think Before Speaking.

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Commitment and Responsibility #

If you want a job with decent working conditions and pay, you need to be responsible. This means fitting in and having a good attitude even on the boring or hard days. It means owning up if you make a mistake and putting things right. 

Want to know how to become more responsible? Try this Commitment Fears And How To Conquer Them activity.

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Dependable and able to follow instructions #

Employers need staff they can rely on. You need to show up and do a good job without needing constant supervision. Whānau and friends will also value you more if they trust you to be there for them.

Try this Being Dependable activity to help you be more dependable and trustworthy.

Read more about 11 Ways To Be Way More Reliable Every Day.

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Being responsible for our own health and safety #

Health and safety can seem boring and get in the way of you doing your job. But, NZ has more deaths at work compared with other countries. This means we must be more mindful at work. Being mindful means looking after our physical and mental health. 

Here are some ideas on how to do this Keeping a healthy headspace

Try this health and safety activity Trust Me I'm An Engineer

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