Showing a willingness to learn is a skill that employers value. Learning doesn’t finish when you leave school. It’s something you will do for the rest of your life. Employers need you to be able to learn new knowledge and skills to keep up and do a good job. If you want to work smarter, check out these activities and YouTube videos.

Use this Bring It On Life! questionnaire to see if there’s a pattern in the way you approach new things. 

The power of learning new skills #

To be the person who gets the job and opportunities to get ahead at work, you need to be the person with the best skills. Work out what skills you’ve already got and which ones you need to build, then dig in and work hard. Here’s some ideas that might help.

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Curiosity is a winner! #

We need to be curious if we want to live life well. Employers value curiosity as it means you're interested in their business. There is a lot you can do to increase your own curiosity. Ask more questions or try new things. The following tips might help build your curiosity. 

Use this questionnaire to find out Why curiosity in the workplace is such an important skill.

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Work smarter and shine at work #

Your boss will value you if you are the one who works safe and thinks smart. Here’s a fun activity that will help you to avoid hazards and keep you and your work buddies safe. And if you want some some ideas on what initiative is, and how to use this skill, have a look at this Youtube clip.

Use “I’m sorry ... I wasn’t thinking!” working smarter activity or read about 9 Ways To Take More Initiative At Work.

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Accepting advice and learning from feedback #

If you can find yourself a mentor at work, they can teach you the ropes. Always ask questions if you don’t know something. Your boss will respect you for doing this. Here’s how to feel better about asking for help.

Use this questionnaire to find out how good you are at giving and receiving feedback.

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