Resilience is an important life skill that you can get better at over time. Practising resilience-building skills each day can help you. It's important to help you bounce back from the ups and downs in life. Resilience is also a skill employers value. They want to know that if things get tough you won’t quit. They want you to have grit and to keep trying until you master the skills needed to do the job.

Have a go at this questionnaire and see where you shine and which skills need more attention. Remember life is a marathon and not a sprint so take it nice and slow and be kind to yourself.

Adaptability and dealing with change #

Adaptability is an important skill for employers. With all the changes happening in the workplace they need you to be open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. Coping with change is also an important life skill. Find out why some of us fear change and how we can break free and change with confidence and positivity.

Handling challenges and set backs #

In life you are not judged by how many times you fall but by the times you keep getting up and trying again. “When we are tired we rest, we don’t quit” (Banksy). Employers need to feel confident you will not quit if things get tough. They need to feel confident you will hang in there and work through challenges. Here are some stories that show you how others do this.

Learning from your mistakes #

Everyone makes mistakes. If you don’t make mistakes it's because you are not pushing yourself to be the best you can be. Employers are not looking for people who never make mistakes. They are looking for people who learn from them. Here are some ideas on how you can switch mistakes into opportunities that will make you shine.

Here's an activity to see if you can work out why things went so wrong for the young person in each of the stories: "Learning From Your Mistakes"

Getting the support that you need #

Asking for help is never easy. Somewhere we have been programmed to think it makes us look weak. We need to change this message in our brains because it holds us back. If we can’t work out how to do something, we need to get help. If our workload has become too much for us to manage alone, we need to ask for help. Find out how to do this from a couple of well known faces. 

Read our online resource about "4 Times You Just Need to Suck it Up and Ask for Help at Work".