COVID-19: 'That YEP Guy' - Youth Employability Programme

Self-Care #


Led by #ThatYEPGuy his entertaining and educational videos talk about self-care, to preparing yourself for the workforce to building resilience.

The more we wrap support around our younger generation and encourage them to build self-resilience and more, the better chance they have to succeed, particularly during this uncertain time.

How to Build Resilience #

How to Build Resilience.

Resilience is a skill employers value. It's your ability to learn from mistakes, and to bounce back from the ups & downs in life. Employers want to know that if things get tough, you won’t quit. The COVID19 crisis has meant that our resilience is being tested more now than ever. Don't feel discouraged, use this experience to build your resilience and come out stronger and wiser than before!

Willingness to Learn #


It's all about showing employers that you're keen to know more. Asking questions does not make you dumb, it shows you're curious & want to do things better. Check out this new YEP resource for more useful information on learning and employability!

The Benefit of Positive Attitude #


If you ask an employer what they are looking for in an employee, most will say "someone with a positive attitude". And if you ask any successful person the key to success, they will tell you it comes down to having a positive mindset. So, no matter which way you look at it, what you achieve in life depends on you! 

Self-management #


As we grow up, we all need to learn how to manage ourselves. From learning how to get ourselves ready for the day, to learning how to juggle our life commitments. Self-management is a critical life and work skill.

Communication skills #


Having good communication skills will help you in every part of your life. There are many tips, tricks, and techniques to improve communication skills. People can study and train for years on how to improve their skills. But we don’t want to overwhelm you with too much information. Let’s focus on what gives you the biggest return for your efforts.

Teamwork #


TEAM stands for ‘together everyone achieves more’. We work in teams in many areas of our lives, and it is very likely you will need to be in a team at work. Being a good team player is something that future employers will want from you. Often in interviews you’ll get the question: ‘how well do you work with other people?’.

Are you prepared to work in a team?

Thinking Skills #

THINKING SKILLS (problem solving and decision making)

We live in a world of fast change and challenge. Good thinking and problem-solving skills are essential to making your way in life. Our values and beliefs shape how we see, and deal with the problems we face. Some of us must work harder to succeed, but this builds courage, humility and resilience. These are all priceless skills for life and work.  

Workplace Do's & Don'ts at work #

Those who are looking to use this lockdown time to upskill yourself, check out this fun video from that #ThatYEPguy! It's so important that we don't forget good work ethics and that we take steps to invest in our future even though it may be uncertain.