Having good communication skills will help you in every part of your life. There are many tips, tricks, and techniques to improve communication skills. People can study and train for years on how to improve their skills. But we don’t want to overwhelm you with too much information. Let’s focus on what gives you the biggest return for your efforts.

We will start with a Communication questionnaire. You can get an idea on where you shine and which skill areas you need to do some more work on.

Being a great communicator #

Being a great communicator is essential for relationships and work. It’s not just about talking, in fact, great communicators listen more than they speak. They also work hard to understand what people are saying. They don’t speak unless they know what they are talking about. Read this "Effective communication" article for some ideas to become great at communicating.


Get better at asking questions #

We grow up thinking only the geeky or nerdy kids ask questions, but that's not true. It's important to ask lots of questions. Why? Because looking for answers and learning from others helps you to be successful. Want to learn how to ask smart questions? Check out these resources.

Watch this video on The power of asking questions

Or do this What's the smart question to ask activity

(Trigger warning due to potentially upsetting images of accidents). 


Get confident with talk for work #

Work talk takes some practice. It’s like learning a new language, so you can fit in and understand what’s going on. It’s easy to worry about saying the wrong thing, but stay calm, watch, listen and learn, and soon you will have the ‘lingo’. Remember that the secret to making progress is to get started.

Are you plagued by constant worries and anxious thoughts? These How to stop worrying tips can help calm your mind and ease anxiety.

You can also test your communication skills to see how well are you communicating in the workplace.


Share ideas at work #

As your confidence and skills grow at work, you might see ways to improve how things get done. Make sure you are doing a good job yourself before suggesting improvements. But, when you have that nailed, here’s how to pitch that great idea: 10 ways of presenting new ideas to your boss. You can also try this Customer service activity to make loyal customers. Those who are happy to pass on positive feedback about your business.