Language Diversity

Aotearoa is an increasingly diverse country. It has a population of over 4 million and many speak different languages. Nowhere in the country is this more evident than in Auckland, New Zealand’s super diverse city. Almost half of those who call Auckland their home were born overseas. Almost one third of the city’s population speaks at least one language other than English.

How can the education system reap the opportunities this super-diversity can offer to all learners?

How can it enable fair access for learners whose first language is other than English?

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Language diversity Facebook panel #

As part of our stakeholder consultation, we will mobilise researchers and members of Aotearoa’s diverse communities to discuss language diversity in the education system, in a conversation that will unpack strategic areas, including: 

  1. Language maintenance: Students for whom English is a second language and have a right to have it acknowledged as a strength and woven in their education experience.     
  2. Language reclamation: New Zealand-born students for whom English or Te reoMāori  is a first language but have a non-English language heritage and need support reclaiming and maintaining it.    
  3. Second language learning: Students for whom English or Te reo Māori is the first language and for whom second language learning is a pathway to unlocking diverse worldviews and knowledge.    
  4. Access to multilingual services and information. Translation and interpretation systems and support to learn English.