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Welcome to the Youth Employability Programme #MoreThanNEETsTheEye campaign.

The #MoreThanNEETsTheEYE campaign was launched to help break the negative stigmas with rangatahi aged 14 -24, not in employment, education or training (NEET).

According to Statistics New Zealand, due to COVID-19 as of March 2020, NEETs has increased to an estimate of 91,000 compared to 76,000 of December last year (2019). 

In this uncertain time, rangatahi need to work extra hard to think outside the box to find employment or shift the direction of their education or training.  

Were you once not in employment, education or training? Did you have a hidden talent or skill that led you to your dream job? or do you have a hidden talent or skill that can lead you to your dream job?  We’d love to hear your stories of inspiration!

Take Noa for age 16, Noa found out he was going to be a dad. He describes feeling afraid, alone, and worried about what people would think. Fearful of these stereotypes, initally Woolloff kept his transition to fatherhood a secret from his family and friends. 

“My stereotype or perception of teen parents at that time, was somebody who would sit on their couch eating Doritos and watching Netflix all day. I suddenly came to learn that that wasn't true at all.”  

Noa discovered he could use his experience for good, and since then he has worked as the Head of Youth Engagement at Inspiring Stories and founded a social enterprise supporting young parents called Increase Clothing. He’s currently the Taskforce Coordinator at Mayors Taskforce for Jobs. 

Join the #MoreThanNEETsTheEye campaign today. We know there is more to you than meets the eye!

Join the #MoreThanNEETsTheEye campaign!

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  • You must be aged 14 -24
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Before I had enough confidence to post things portraying my happiness I was a product to many dysfunctions caused by a family dynamic that is very common to my culture. I endured much hardship and was a subject to the state, gang affiliation and depression. At a young age I'd had to quickly grasp the concept of knowing that life for me was something I would have to learn to adapt to, corrupted as it may seem. I developed maturity due to experiences that allowed me to see beyond an illusion, that's designed to have children not exposed to the harsh realities of life. I experienced parent abandonment, food deprivation, sibling separation and eventually I lost the motivation to continue attending school. This enabled me to start thinking about what I truly wanted for myself and where I wanted to be. Living in my environment that I was exposed to I recognised the dysfunctional lifestyle I did not want for myself nor for my children. I didn't want to be another Maori statistic collecting a benefit, or another girl lost to the streets, or another Maori person for society to judge. With the most amazing network of support I was fortunate to receive, I was able to create a new path for myself. At just 16 I have managed to become a casual Youth worker, at a youth organisation adamant on providing whatever need a young person requires. I capture youth voice that enhances the methods of caring for our young people, which is amazing as I am a young person myself. I can approach young people with a vibe that's relatable, understanding, non-judgemental and current for our day in age. Although I am who am and come from where I come from, I am not ashamed nor frightened for what my future may have in-store for me, as I know I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. What makes me unique is that despite all the trauma in my life I have managed to be who I am and have not allowed my shortcomings to determine how I respond to things or how I treat others. I'm unique because I spread positive change by breaking the generational curses and not letting them affect my future for me or my siblings. @yepnz #MoreThanNEETsTheEye
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#MoreThanNEETsTheEye was created by students from Auckland University of Technology, School of Communication Studies, and is supported by the Ministry of Social Development and Vodafone NZ.